To All That Attended
our 2014 Convention in Kona!

The 2015 Convention will be in Maui
From October 4th to October 8th
Updates Coming Up!

**We will be posting information from our Annual Meeting on the web site soon!**

View last year’s Convention Magazine by clicking here:  Kauai Times

Click on each name to get to know us better:

Jeff Acton,  Izak Ondre’,  Shel BerzBJ (Barjor) PithawallaLance Hungerford, Allen Toy , Dick Eastom and Charles BrennanBrad Friedman,  Jim MacDonald Walter Gesek Carey Jones **Welcome to our newly nominated Board Members Kyle Quatman and Michael Osogwin. Their pages will be posted soon! 

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Round Table Times 2012 Convention