Teri Ernandes

Company Name:  Sisco Enterprises

Address:  500 W East Ave, Chico, CA 95926

Phone:  530 895 8330

Store Locations:  Chico area


Teri has been working with the Sisco group for 28 years, starting as a college graduate. Now, she is the marketing director for Sisco Enterprises. She also serves on the marketing committee for the RTOA, the marketing-GFG committee, and prior to that the Tactical Marketing Team.

Along with working with Round Table Pizza all these years, Teri’s family owns and operates a Walnut Farm in the Chico area.  During harvest season in October, the whole family helps.

History with RTP 

Teri’s entire career has been dedicated to Round Table Pizza.

RTOA Membership

Teri has taken on a strategic role on the marketing committee and most recently on GFG’s marketing committee.

Fun Facts

Married to husband Joe, who is a walnut farmer in the Chico area.  They met in sixth grade and have two children.

Entertaining and cooking are favorites.

Favorite Team or Sport:
Her daughter’s volleyball team.

How often do you eat pizza:
Almost every day!

Take a peak at Teri’s rapid fire video to see some of her favorites.

What’s Best About the RTOA?

The notion of the RTOA being a family is so prevalent in everything we do.   The family atmosphere is visible even when attending a large event and chatting around the dinner tables.  It is so much more than a business and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.