2018 Owner of the Year

Jeff Acton

Company Names: 
Provocative Provolone, Inc., 
Linear Linguica, Inc.
Universal Pizza, Inc.
Metaphysical Mozzarella, Inc.

Store Locations: 
Scotts Valley, CA
Salinas, CA
Soquel, CA
Watsonville, CA


Jeff graduated from school in Pittsburg, PA in 1976, and after job searching in the area, headed west to look for employment. 

Jeff ran out of gas in Palo Alto, where he first got a job trimming trees.

Jeff met a friend who got a job at a Round Table Pizza and that person got him a job at a Round Table Later that year.

After briefly traveling to Canada & Mexico to explore opportunities there, Jeff returned to California and began working at the Santa Clara Round Table as an Assistant Manager Trainee.  Jeff soon started running three stores and they began expanding. 

A hand-shake deal was offered when they reached four stores and Jeff took the challenge to earn ownership in the ownership group.  Their growth soon began snowballing.

Jeff began pursuing his law degree in 1993.  While reminiscing about how he wished he had gone to law school, Jeff’s lovely wife, Kathleen challenged him with a simple statement.  That was all Jeff needed to get started.

History with RTP 

Jeff’s first job at a Round Table Pizza was back in 1976.  After briefly leaving, he returned to build franchisee empire.

Fun Facts

Wife, Kathleen and three children; one of whom is grown.

His kids, sports football, soccer, karate, school, baseball.

Favorite Team or Sport:  
Coaching his kids’ teams.