Owner Membership

As a Round Table Pizza Franchisee, you are encouraged to join the Round Table Owners Association (RTOA). Annual dues in the Association are $150 for the first restaurant plus $100 per each additional restaurant owned.

Need more information? Click here to review the RTOA Membership Brochure.


Member Benefits

Access to free Employee Handbook


HR Hotline


Annual review of Ad Fund


Annual Meeting / Convention

Yearly meeting at the Pizza Expo in March and convention in the Fall.


Opportunities to gain knowledge and receive advise from fellow Franchisees

Members Only

Protected RTOA members only web pages.


Representation in vendor contract negotiations and with RTFC to resolve franchisee concerns.


Opportunities to participate on Committees (Marketing/Membership/PRDC/Insurance/FRC).

Franchise Agreement

Protects the integrity of the Franchise Agreement (FRC).