About US

The RTOA has developed into a strong and forceful association: an association so unique that it makes its vendors partners through membership in the organization; an organization that understands that all our members have something to contribute; an organization that stands up for its members. The RTOA is here to support you.

Legal Protection

The RTOA has protected legal interests of Franchisees as an association that standing alone, no individual Franchisee would have the time and resources to accomplish what the RTOA was able to as a group.

Team Work

For over forty years the RTOA has brought owners together to share information; discuss mutual and individual problems; resolve issues facing the membership; and to develop common goals.


The RTOA continues to work with the franchisor in a professional, businesslike manner to provide direction for the benefit of everyone in the Round Table system.

The Round Table Owners Association (“RTOA”) was organized in 1972 by a group of franchisees that joined together to speak with one voice to vendors, the franchisor and each other. Incorporated in 1981, the RTOA has developed into a strong and meaningful association– an association so unique that its vendors become its Associate Members and an organization that represents its members.

As a Round Table Pizza franchisee, you are encouraged to join the Round Table Owners Association. This is your franchisee and trade organization. The RTOA provides forums for its members to control their destinies via a unified voice, exchange knowledge and ideas with each other and associate’s and to articulate, communicate and resolve concerns with QSR Division of FAT Brands.


Member Benefits

Access to free Employee Handbook


HR Hotline


Annual review of Ad Fund


Annual Meeting / Convention

Yearly meeting at the Pizza Expo in March and convention in the Fall.


Opportunities to gain knowledge and receive advise from fellow Franchisees

Members Only

Protected RTOA members only web pages.


Representation in vendor contract negotiations and with RTFC to resolve franchisee concerns.


Opportunities to participate on Committees (Marketing/Membership/PRDC/Insurance/FRC).

Franchise Agreement

Protects the integrity of the Franchise Agreement (FRC).