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Swiss American Sausage Co.
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RTOA Member since 2002


Swiss American Sausage Co is a family owned company. Since 1930 Swiss American Sausage Co has been the West Coast source for high quality dry and Italian-style sausage products.

Customers love Round Table Pizza’s pepperoni, salami, and linguica on pizzas.  They crave the unique and special flavors. These are from the Swiss American plant in California, which is part of Burke’s family of companies.

We also serve their sausage and diced ham in our salad bars, which are from the Burke plant in Iowa.

See what makes these special by watching Bob’s Rapid-Fire Video.

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Bob Darling

Bob is in his 11th year with Burke and has been in the foodservice business really since birth as it’s his family’s business.

History with RTP:
Swiss American Sausage Co. has been an associate member since we started on the Burke side. 

Number of Conventions attended:

Fun Facts:

Family: Bob is married with 2 daughters and his wife Kathy has a son.

Hobbies: Bob’s main hobby is umpiring softball. He umpires high school, Little League and USA/ASA Softball (both youth and adult). Bob enjoys his summer vegetable and flower gardening, fishing, and camping. He plays some golf as well as time permits.

Favorite RTP pizza: King Arthur 

Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni

Favorite location to dine-in: Unfortunately, Bob does not have any Round Tables in Boise where they live, however, he does dine with us when he’s on the road for business or pleasure. Bob’s favorite location is the one on NE 122nd in Portland, OR, nearby a hotel where he often stays.

Favorite Convention: Bob’s favorite convention has to be 2016 in Kona where he and his wife, Kathy, were married on the beach Sunday morning of the convention.

Best thing about the RTOA: It’s a Family

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