Owner of the Month

David and Olga Lundgren

Company Name:   Nothing But Net Inc.

Address:   4718 Hyada Blvd NE, Tacoma WA 98422

Email:   dlundg1273@aol.com

Phone:   253 952 4190 (Olga)  235 670 0865 (David)

Website:   www.roundtablereservations.com

About:     Banquet Room Reservation System

Store Locations:   Auburn, WA and Federal Way, WA

RTOA Members Since 1999



Grew up in Zimbabwe.  Left in 1965, to seek adventure.  Travelled and ended up in Canada. First “real” job was with A&W of Canada.  Eventually promoted to Advertising Manager.  Met David when he joined A&W as Purchasing Manager in 1975.


Grew up in Chicago. Was a “Green Beret” in the Vietnam war. Looking for adventure, he moved to Canada. Met Olga at A&W.

Both looking for adventure (and found it in one another)…married, moved many times for career opportunities, finally landing in San Francisco.

History with RTP 

Both joined Round Table Franchise Corp. in 1990. David as Senior VP of development, franchising, purchasing and operations. Olga as VP of marketing. In 1999, they purchased two Round Tables’ in the Seattle area and moved to Washington.

Fun Facts

Olga: Olga was told at school she had no math skills…she was an actress. Now, she does the bookkeeping for the business and is treasurer of local children’s hospital fundraising organization. Olga is also still acting in commercials occasionally.

David: David grew up California dreaming.  “Get me out of this Chicago ice box” was his mantra.  He got there eventually, but had to stop and meet Olga along the way.

Family: One daughter, one son in law, one five year old grandson. Siblings in other countries and other parts of the US.

Hobbies: David: golf, golf, golf.   Olga: work, walk, work (haha)

Round Table Favorites

What do you like best:   The months when we make lots of money.

Favorite pizza:   David: Italian Garlic Supreme.  Olga: Gourmet Veggie with chicken.

Favorite topping:   David: Sausage. Olga: Nearly all of them.

Favorite location to dine-in:  Rutherford Grill in Rutherford, CA

Favorite thing about RTOA:   They work hard on behalf of all franchisees to affect change, negotiate contracts and to be the most effective liaison between the franchisees and franchisor. The franchise would not function well without this organization.

Favorite convention: The two we’ve been to as franchisees.

Favorite thing about attending conventions: Happy Hours. Meeting everyone. Getting updated and learning business tips from others.