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Grain Craft
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RTOA Member since 1998


Grain Craft is the largest independent flour mill in the nation and offers premium flour and custom blends, like we use at Round Table Pizza.

What makes our flour so special is the blends we use to create a consistent product year after year.  For Round Table Pizza, we use a blend of spring wheat and winter wheat, sourcing the wheat from local farmers across a 90 mile radius of the mill.  We work directly with our network of farmers to ensure they grow the varieties of wheat that our customers need and that will product the best product.

Your Rep

Matt Petty

History with RTP:
We’ve been a supplier for over 20 years now.

Fun Facts:

Family: Wife Kim, and 2 daughters (Taryn, and Tenli)

 Hobbies: Golf, and watching my daughters play softball.

 Favorite Sports Team: Seattle Seahawks & Mariners

What is favorite RTP pizza?   Chicken & Garlic Gourmet

What is your favorite topping?  Lots of Cheese

What is favorite location to dine-in?  Round Table Puyallup, Washington

What’s Best About the RTOA? I love the group. We are a member of a lot of different associations and pizza groups.  We have been a member of the RTOA organization now for over 20 years and they’re a family.   What makes the Round Table Pizza special is the family atmosphere the loyalty they have towards vendors.

Why Join the RTOA? Getting to know the Round Table Group.  You get to know the Board Members, the owners and the owner groups really well.

What do you like best about the Convention? I love that it is in Hawaii.  The atmosphere is different than other conventions.  It’s more of a family group and everyone is involved.  This is different because everyone is invited to all activities.

Favorite Convention:  Last year, the Fairmont on Maui (2017 Convention)

 Favorite Island? Kauai