Featured Owner

Gundeep Sethi

Company Name:   J. K. Trade, Inc.

Address:   1304 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo, CA

Email:   gsethi@jkrtp.com

Phone:   (510) 677-4664

Store Locations:   Gundeep owns & operates 10 stores in Northern California.

RTOA Member Since 2011



Grew up in India, moved to the US in 1998. Attended UC Davis, majoring in Computer Science, class of 2005.

History with RTP 

In 2006, Gundeep was a Subway Franchisee and he wanted to diversify.  The first Round Table, Gundeep purchased was in 2011.

Why Round Table Pizza?

We have loved eating at Round Table Pizza ever since moving to the US.   In 2011, Round Table Pizza had a store in concord, about 15 minutes away and it made since to purchase.

RTOA Leadership Role

PRDC Committee Member

Fun Facts

Family:   Gundeep is married with a lovely, wife  and has 2 young boys (3 ½ & 1 ½)

 Hobbies: Gundeep enjoys traveling and sightseeing by car, especially taking long drives on backroads to see the country.

 Favorite Team or Sport: San Francisco 49ers.

Round Table Favorites

What do you like best about being an RTP Franchisee? Being my own boss.

What is favorite RTP pizza?   Pepperoni

What is your favorite topping?  Pepperoni

What is favorite location to dine-in?  Gundeep likes his store #1 best – he loves this store.

What’s best about the RTOA?  Gundeep likes that we are open, inviting to all, and very transparent.

Why should a RTP Franchisee join the RTOA? Gundeep recommends joining to be a part of this community of owners, experiencing common problems, and finding solutions together along with receiving the member benefits.

What do you like best about attending the RTOA Convention? Meeting other people, new folks, meeting other owners and getting to know our associates better.  Gundeep is proud to be a part of such a diverse and great group of people.  He believes RTP is one of the best chains and one of the best pizza products in this Country.

Favorite Convention:    Maui – Fairmont

 Hobbies in Hawaii: Relaxing on the beach with the phone OFF.

Favorite Island: Maui was Gundeep’s first trip to Hawaii.