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Ken's Foods, Inc.
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RTOA Member since 2014


Ken’s has grown from producing dressings for a small steakhouse restaurant in 1958 to the largest privately-owned dressing and sauce company is the U.S.

Our success is founded on putting flavor and family above all else. The same flavor-obsessed family that started bottling Ken’s is still bottling the Salad Dressings and Sauces today.

Product Use:
Round Table Pizza buys our delicious Salad Dressings and Wing Sauces from Ken’s Foods.

What makes your product special?
All we make is dressings and sauces. When you focus on one thing you can always continue to make it better. We also have great traditional recipes and several new flavors that have helped us grow in all markets.

What do you like best about your product?
Robert likes the fact that in each product category we have something for everyone’s flavor and need. Whether it’s Gluten Free, Bold spicy flavor, Lite, Traditional, Savory, etc. We meet our consumer’s needs.

What do you like best about working for Ken’s Food?
It’s a family company and that means a lot to Robert because he’s a family guy. Ken’s has grown but the pillars of a family business have remained. Everyone in our company including the owners are accessible to our customers.

Your Rep

Robert DeVault

Robert grew up in Northern CA. He was lucky enough to have Round Table at an early age. Fond memories of many sports pizza parties. Now he’s able to enjoy this with his four kids. In addition to working for Ken’s, he also enjoys coaching, travel, and leisure. 

History with RTP:
Lifelong customer. On the business side I have been calling on Round Table the last 5 years.

RTOA Membership:
Robert sees himself as a “newbie” still because he (himself) has only been an official member for four years.

Fun Facts:

Family: My wife Mary. Four kids; Desmond 27, Sage 22, Eve 18, and Duke 12. I’m a lucky guy!

Hobbies: Sports, anything music related, Travel

Team: Giants and 49ers

What is favorite RTP pizza?  Changes a bunch but right now it’s Pepperoni. I know that sounds boring, but I love a classic.

What is your favorite topping? In addition to Pepperoni I like olives

What is favorite location to dine-in?  Any

What’s Best about the RTOA? Robert loves being so welcome at the RTOA. You see familiar faces and develop lasting friendships. I look forward to seeing everybody and catching up. Being surrounded by great owners who care deeply about their business is inspiring.

Why Join the RTOA? You will be better engaged in the business and understand where you can help. Robert feels lucky to be a part of the RTOA and would encourage everybody to join.

What do you like best about the Convention? Every year, the convention gets better.  Being able to talk to anyone and have great conversations about the business along with having fun with friends is very special. Some great passion!

Favorite Convention: Any in Hawaii.

 Favorite Island?  Maui, Robert could visit anytime.