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Saladino's Foodservice
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RTOA Member since 1988


The largest independent, family-owned foodservice distributor in California, Saladino’s was built on family values, sustainable business practices, servicing the customer beyond their expectations and giving back to the communities they serve since 1944.

Product Use    

From food and proprietary products to small-wares and office supplies, Saladino’s Foodservice provides 100% distribution to Round Table Pizza. 

What makes your product special?

Saladino’s associates are passionately committed to providing the support needed to run a business efficiently and successfully. From combined product offerings to their signature “stock, date and rotate” program and their exceptional ability to fulfill customers’ orders, dedicated to serving their customers. Saladino’s has Established Food Safety Programs in place. Products can be traced back to the fields, allowing them to be proactive during emergencies/recalls and communicate to customers as quickly as possible.

From food and proprietary products to small-wares and office supplies, Saladino’s Foodservice provides 100% distribution to Round Table Pizza.

Your Rep

Frank Giovanni

Frank is in his 12th year with Saladino’s and has been a supporter of Round Table Pizza since the 1980’s.

History with RTP:

Frank joined the Round Table Family at age 21 and has been a valued member for over 31 years.

RTOA Membership:

Frank truly enjoys welcoming new Round Table Franchisee Owners to the family and getting to know them during RT events.

Fun Facts:


The center of Frank’s world is his family.  He and his wife of 21 years met in high-school and even attended the senior ball together.  Frank has two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren.


Family, food and music.   Frank plays acoustic music and actively plays in a blues band.  He has been known to bring his guitar to Round Table conventions to entertain attendees.  His passion for Italian tradition and food extends to the pizza and pasta making classes he teaches alongside his wife Gail.

Best thing about the RTOA: 

The RTOA allows interaction with vendors and customers beyond just event sponsorship.  RT Associates partner with vendors and customers and welcome them with open arms and encourage forging relationships.

What do you like best about the Convention?

Hands down, Frank loves the comraderies formed at the conventions.   Being able to visit with associates (and their families) to catch up on “life” and the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

Favorite Convention:

The convention at the Kauai Marriott was the first convention he attended alone and fondly remembers how welcomed he felt by the RTOA family – that, and looking out of the endless pool at the Hapuna Prince.