Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1949.

Graduated from St. Francis High School, Mountain View, CA in 1967

Graduated from California State University, Hayward with BS in Biological Sciences in 1973

While attending college, I worked for Jim Maroney in Round Table Pizza #4 in Sunnyvale, CA for 2 years starting in 1970. Later, my father was looking to retire from Lockheed Aerospace and go into business for himself and I recommended Round Table. He opened his first location in Davis, CA in 1976.

After graduating college, I went from pizza to Printed Circuit manufacturing working various jobs in Silicon Valley.

Symtron Corp.: Engineering Manager/R&D circuit manufacturing

Sigma Circuits: Corporate Director of Technology

CTS Printex; Vice President of Manufacturing/Engineering

In 1994, after 20 years in electronics, I relocated from San Jose, CA to Granite Bay, CA and went from Printed Circuit manufacturing to pizza working for my father at Excalibur Pizza.