Lance joined the RTP family of franchisees in 1987.  He was 21 at the time with 10k in cash and no concept of what a giant debt obligation, 10 year lease term and personal guarantee on a franchise agreement meant.  If he did he probably would have moved back to New York and been a Wall Street equities trader.  He loves all things business, big and small.  Really successful business people are amazing (still working on that status), especially when they can keep life in balance.

Lance has contributed to the RTOA Board since 2012.  As an outer market operator, the game is all about survival.  To this day most of his customers don’t realize RTP is a chain of restaurants.  Consequently, LSM is the defacto way to market and expect any kind of ROI.  He is not sure whether to attribute sales growth in years past to good LSM or just not having to run television.

Lance, his wife, Karrie, and sons Derrick, Luke and Jon have attended most conventions over the years and are always very excited to visit with lifelong friends in the RTP franchisee family.