I was introduced to Round Table Pizza by the previous company owned group (RTDC) in the year 2001. After over 15 years of management experience in different companies mainly Wendy’s old fashion hamburgers, I was hired by RTDC as a general manager for store #106 in South Bay.
That is where the passion in my career start coming out since RTDC was also on the merge of growth and development. They were expanding quickly, hiring & developing in the whole Bay Area. As an RTDC restaurant manager, I was trained and developed to a satellite training store. I got involved in their training system. I trained, teach classes and developed several of the RTDC & RTFC managers in the decade of 2002 to 2012.
In 2006 I was transferred to store 163 Morgan hill which was one of the top 5 company-owned round table stores.
I became a franchisee in 2012 as RTDC was selling Bay Area stores and I have always been a member and supporter of RTOA
I believe my 19 years of experience and knowledge can be beneficial to the board.