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Sugar Foods Corporation
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RTOA Member since 1992


Sugar Foods is a multinational food products company servicing all segments of the marketplace – foodservice, cash and carry, retail, specialty and international markets. 

Our products cover a broad range of consumer known brands (such as ecoStick, Fresh Gourmet, N’Joy, Maui Brand sugar, The Better Chip, Mrs. Cubbison’s and Naturel Agave) to private label items. The company’s core values and team principles are focused on an enduring commitment to its mission statement — The Customer Is King.

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Al Prospero

Al is originally from Chicago, IL.  and he attended Eastern Illinois University. He arrived in CA in his twenties and never looked back. Prior to Sugar Foods, Al worked for Pioneer Chicken for 12 years as VP Supply Chain Operations. Al has been at Sugar Foods Corporation for 33 years.

History with RTP:
Began calling on Round Table Corporate in 1990.  After 83 attempts and appointment was secured. The rest is RTOA history.  Moral is never give up, persistence is the key that unlocks the door of opportunity. 

Best thing about the RTOA:
The RTOA willingness to include associate partners in the process.   The RTOA Conference culture is one of sharing information and inclusion in all meetings and events.  RTOA is first a family of operators with a common purpose of improvement.  Over the years, we have seen families grow  to next generation operators.

Why join the RTOA?
The RTOA culture and purpose is to make the Brand better. The RTOA members are available to help fellow operators with questions and comments. The valuable input RTOA provides corporate leadership is grounded in day to day experience on the front lines.

What do you like best about the annual conventions?
The structure of inclusion for all. Excellent history of relevant and interesting speakers. The blending of family, fun and interesting topics that are relevant for the time.


Fun Facts:

Family: His family includes his wife, Jill; two children, Alison & Joseph and two grandchildren, Jack & Sabrina.

Hobbies: Running, LA Marathon,  Paris, FR Marathon, Golfing, Skiing

Favorite RTP pizza: Pepperoni & Olives 

Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni

Favorite location to dine-in: Dana Point, CA.

What was your favorite convention? Wailea, Maui

What is your favorite Hawaiian island? Maui