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RTOA Member since 1993


WestRock is a packaging company that provides our made in USA high quality, safe pizza boxes with over 8,000 quality checks each year.

“We feel the boxes are just an important ingredient as cheese. It’s got to be safe.” When asked, John will tell you, it’s the people at WestRock he likes best.

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John Baker

John has been with WestRock for 29 years.  Prior to that, John attended Rockhurst University, graduating with a business degree.

History with RTP:

Began working with RTP in 1993. John has been a member since before his youngest son was born – over 21 years.

Number of Conventions attended:

Fun Facts:

Family: John is blessed with the Baker “wife” Michelle and Baker “boys” Ben, Josh, Caleb, & Luke – all of whom are beloved by the RTOA.

Hobbies in Hawaii: Beach & Ocean activities

Favorite Teams: Kansas City Royals & Chiefs

Favorite Island: Maui

Favorite Cocktail in Hawaii: Mai Tai

Favorite RTP pizza: Ulti-Meat

Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni

Favorite location to dine-in: Any Round Table, as there are none in Kansas City.

Favorite Convention: John’s favorite convention was his first Hawaii one in Kona.  He had never been to Hawaii before.

Best thing about the Convention: John’s favorite part of the convention is interacting with one another and the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Best thing about the RTOA: The family environment with the RTOA. A recent example is his son Caleb needed surgery in the Los Angeles area and rather than staying in a hotel, local franchisee owners, the Eastom’s, reached out and offered to host John and Caleb in their own home. The more you give to the RTOA, the more benefits you will reap from it.