• Protect and enhance the economic interest of the Round Table Franchisees
  • Uphold the values and integrity of the Round Table community
  • Promote communication and interchange of ideas throughout the Round Table system


The Round Table Owners Association (“RTOA”) was organized in 1972 by a group of franchisees that joined together to speak with one voice to vendors, the franchisor (FAT Brands) and each other. Incorporated in 1981, the RTOA has developed into a strong and meaningful association — an association so unique that its vendors become its Associate Partners and an organization that represents its Owner Members. 

For over four decades, the RTOA has brought franchisees together to share information, to discuss mutual and individual problems, and to develop common goals.

The RTOA works with the franchisor, FAT Brands, in a professional, businesslike manner to gather facts, frame issues and analyze our system’s business.

The RTOA provides forums for its Owner members to control their destinies via a unified voice, exchange knowledge and ideas with each other and Associate Members and to articulate, communicate and resolve concerns with the franchisor.


There are seven RTOA board members who each serve two-year terms. Elected by the Regular Membership, three directors begin serving in year one and four other directors begin serving in year two. Any Regular Member can seek election to the board.

Jeff Acton


Izak Ondre

Vice President

Lance Hungerford


Charles Brennan


Emily Burns


Ali Kerachi


Shelby Jobe



The RTOA conducts its business with the use of internal committees. Many Regular Members and Associate Partners participate on one or more committees and work with the Franchisor in developing tools for attaining mutual goals. Committee work often involves the sharing of information and ideas between franchisees and the franchisor before decisions are made. The committees actively seek input from the owner and associate membership. Committees make recommendations to the RTOA Board of Directors.

Jeff Acton

Bylaws, Treasurer

& FRC Chair

Izak Ondre

Membership Chair

Charles Brennan

Insurance Chair

Brad Friedman

Convention Chair

Dale Patton

Marketing Chair

Gundeep Sethi

Operations Chair


John Budd

Administrative Director

Allen Toy


Cheryl Annotti



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